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Wie löst R4i Gold 3DS Flashkarte Sticks auf R4i Gold 3DS Start

Here is a email from one of our customers, i thought many guys will have this problem, so i will just put it here and tell you guys how to solve this r4i gold 3ds problem.
Quote from Robert
Hi i recently bought the r4i 3ds gold card from this site. I has a 3ds running the newest 4.4 and a dsi running 1.44. the card has the latest r4 kernels and data. on the 3ds i get an error code saying th restart the system. on the dsi it starts ans sticks on R4i Gold 3DS Starting and just sticks there. any help. Thanks
ok, this guys r4i gold 3ds card can not work on his 3DS V4.4.0-10 or DSi V1.44, lets solve it one by one. At first, why his r4i gold 3ds is not working on the 3DS V4.4.0-10, because he has updated his 3DS , but he didnt update his r4i gold 3ds in advance. We should always remember never update the 3DS console before update the flashcart. As we know that the 3DS V4.4.0-10 firmware was just released last week, and Robert updated it instantly when it came out, so his r4i gold can not work on the updated 3DS because he didnt update his r4i gold 3ds flashcart, he is lucky that r4i gold 3ds card site has released the update patch, now he will need to take a DS console to do the update. just check here: Tutorial: How to update R4i gold 3ds to work on 3DS V4.4.0-10

For his second problem, the r4i gold 3ds can not work on the DSi V1.44. stuck on the r4i gold starting. this problem occurs because the r4i gold 3ds firmware problem, i think he downloaded the wrong firmware, or put the firmware files in the wrong place of the sd card. So now he will need to do this , format the sd card first, remember to back up everything inside, then download the latest wood firmware from the official site, currently wood V1.52, and then extract the file, and put the firmware files in the root of the sd card. here is the guide: Tutorial: How to use the R4i gold 3ds card for your 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi and DSL

If you buy the r4i gold 3ds now, the r4i gold 3ds we send out will be preflashed for 3DS V4.4.0-10 and DSi V1.44, so when you receive it, you dont need a DS console to do the update. more info check here: buy R4i Gold 3DS Wood R4i 3DS flashcard For 3DS XL DS DSi 3DS

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